10 Most Dangerous Goree Cream Side Effects You Must Know Before Applying

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If you are a fan of skin whitening products, you must have heard of Goree cream. Like all skin whitening products, there are some Goree cream side effects. In this article, we will discuss the side effects of Goree cream, and how to prevent them.

Goree cream is a popular skin whitening cream that people all over the world use. It claims to brighten and lighten skin tone in a matter of weeks.

What is Goree Cream?

This is a skin-whitening cream. The producer claims that this cream contains natural products such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. This cream reduces dark spots, and blemishes and lightens skin tone.

How Does Goree Cream Work?

This helps to reduce melanin production and corrects dark spots and blemishes. It also helps to whiten up the skin tone.

Side Effects of Goree Cream

Goree Cream Side Effects
Goree Cream Side Effects

Like any other product, there are some Goree Cream side effects you must know. Here are some Side Effects of Goree Cream listed below.

1. Skin Irritation

One of the most common side effects of Goree cream is skin irritation. It can cause skin redness, itching, and inflammation. The ingredients present in the cream cause an allergic reaction.

2. Skin Discoloration

Another side effect of Goree cream is skin discoloration. It can cause the skin to lighten or darken in comparison to the surrounding skin. This is because of the uneven application of the cream. The area of the skin becomes white where the cream is applied but the surrounding area where the cream is not applied shows darker, which gives an uneven look. 

3. Skin Sensitivity

Due to the usage of Goree cream skin become more sensitive to the sun and thus cause skin damage, sunburn, and skin rashes.

4. Acne and Pimples

This cream clogs the pores of the skin and for that reason, acne and pimples may start to grow.

5. Mercury Poisoning

The most dangerous side effect of Goree cream on the skin is Mercury Poisoning. This cream contains Mercury which is very harmful to the skin. Mercury is a toxic substance that can cause serious health problems. Long-term use of Goree cream can lead to mercury poisoning.

The cause of Goree Cream Side Effects is the Ingredients present in the cream.

Ingredients that cause harm to the skin are:


Hydroquinone is an ingredient that makes skin lighten. It operates by preventing melanin production in the skin, which can help to lighten dark spots and other hyperpigmented areas. 
Long-term use of hydroquinone may cause significant effects on the skin, which include skin thinning, redness, and irritation.

Important Note

  • Hydroquinone is a highly controversial ingredient in the skincare industry.
  • Hydroquinone has been used for decades as a skin-whitening agent, but it has been banned in several countries due to its potential for harm.
  • One of the most serious concerns about hydroquinone is that it can cause skin irritation, redness, and other forms of skin sensitivity. 
  • Long-term hydroquinone use may also cause skin thinning, making it more vulnerable to damage from various factors such as the sun and environmental pollutants.


  • Tretinoin is a retinoid used to treat acne and other skin conditions. This really works by an increase in cell retention, which can improve skin texture and appearance. 
  • On the other hand, Tretinoin can cause skin irritation and sensitivity, especially in people with sensitive skin.
  • Tretinoin can also make the skin more sun sensitive, increasing the risk of sun damage and skin cancer. 


Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that has been found in skin whitening products.  Mercury has a number of adverse health consequences, which would include kidney, nervous system, and brain damage. 

A list Of Benefits And Side Effects Of Goree Cream is Given in this Table

Benefits of Goree CreamSide Effects of Goree Cream
Helps to lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation.May cause skin irritation, redness, or itching.
Can improve the overall appearance of the skin.May increase sensitivity to the sun.
Contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera.May not be suitable for all skin types.
Can be used on the face and body.May cause acne or breakouts in some people.
Affordable and widely available.contains Mercury, Tretinoin, and Hydroquinone, which can be harmful to the skin.
Can be used as a part of a daily skincare routine.May not provide immediate or long-lasting results

Natural Remedies that can be used in place of Goree cream for skin lightening

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice contains natural bleaching agents that can aid in the removal of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Simply apply fresh lemon juice to the affected areas of the skin and allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing it with water. When going outside, use sunscreen because lemon juice can make the skin more sensitive to the sun.


Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory and skin-lightening properties and can be used to brighten the skin as a face mask. Make a paste with a tablespoon of turmeric powder, a tablespoon of honey, and a few drops of lemon juice, and apply it to your face for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with water.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera naturally contains enzymes that can help to fade dark spots and enhance skin appearance. Apply aloe vera gel to your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with water. 


Milk contains lactic acid, which has natural exfoliating properties and can help lighten the skin. Soak a cotton ball in milk and dab it on your face for a few minutes before rinsing with water.


Papaya contains natural enzymes that can exfoliate the skin and improve its texture and tone. Apply mashed ripe papaya to the face for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with water.


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Goree cream is a popular skin-lightening cream that claims to lighten skin tone in a few weeks. Moreover, it has adverse effects, like all skin whitening products. 
Skin irritation, skin discoloration, skin sensitivity, acne and pimples, and mercury poisoning are some of the most common side effects of Goree cream. To avoid the side effects stop using this cream and start natural remedies.  

Natural remedies can be a great alternative to Goree cream; however, they may not provide the same immediate or long-term results as commercial skin-lightening products.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Goree cream safe?

No, Goree cream is not safe as it may cause harm to the skin due to the ingredients present in the cream such as Mercury, Tretinoin, and Hydroquinone

How long does it take to see results from Goree cream?

It takes 1 week or sometimes maybe 2 weeks, it depends on person to person. But Goree cream is not safe as it may cause harm to the skin due to the ingredients present in the cream such as Mercury, Tretinoin, and Hydroquinone.

Can Goree cream be used on all skin types?

Although these products marketed that it is suitable for all skin types sensitive skin can get worse affected by this cream due to the ingredients present in the cream.

Is it safe to use Goree cream during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to use Goree cream during pregnancy as some of the ingredients in the cream may be harmful to the developing fetus.

What should I do if I experience any side effects from Goree cream?

Immediately stop using this cream and consult a skin specialist immediately if you have already get affected by the cream. It is the better option to choose home remedies for glowing skin.

Goree Cream
Goree Cream

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